Registered as a UK charity in 2012, Pure Hearts has spent the last decade supporting Gods people. From hosting weekend retreats, to ad-hoc pastoral care, conferencing and heading community projects, we have been a space of transformation and inner deliverance. We take our mandate of restoring hearts to the Father to be a very serious and worthwhile task. It is our delight to work in His vineyard raising a generation of people with hearts of purity. You will often find us heading projects in the UK and it's surrounding areas.

Our UK weekend and international weeklong retreats are a firm favourite with women in the UK. Acting as an oasis and hub of healing, women from across the UK gather for a time away from normal everyday life and it's concerns to simply sit, heal and gather. There are no words to adequately describe what has taken place on our retreats. They are simply Gods womb of birthing into the new. No woman leaves the same way they came. 

Aside form our retreats, we host conferences, seminars and leadership classes, teaching Gods people (both male and female) on stewardship, Intimacy with God and business skills and mindsets.

Our desires as a ministry reach far and wide beyond the UK, it is our prayer that multitudes experience what it is to live with their heart restored to the Father.

To attend our next retreat, conference or event, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list where you will be kept in the loop of all we are doing. Alternatively email Events@purehearts.org.uk where we will directly inform you of current or upcoming events.